Literally who?

I’m just a cyberpunk, attempt of programmer (Libre software defender, privacy defender SUPPORT TOR). My main programming languages are C, Perl, Scheme and Common Lisp. I’m 18 years old and I haven’t gone to university. So I’ve learn everything by myself. I’ve made some software such as lainsafe and cleg I focus on simple and readable code (Which is pretty ironic since I use perl). I also run kill -9 Which is just a website where I say things about anything. I self host these websites using a Raspberry Pi. I’ve been hosting it since 2017-11-xx But with a Raspi since 2018-04, before than that I used a VPS.

In case you’re wondering. Yes. I like Serial Experiments Lain.


Please go here

But in few words: Thinkpads, Free Software, GNU/Linux and privacy respecting.


Mostly everything (Yes, that includes Viking Metal). My favorite genres are * metal, hard rock, alternative rock, vaporwave, synthwaves and chiptune. I don’t like that -core stuff. But I do like punk.


Does this answer?

Other interests

Formal sciences, lmao

YouTube weirdos I watch

I literally only watch L*ke Sm*th unironically. I don’t like spending too much on YouTube with videos, I mostly use that motherfucking website for music

Friends’ websites

They rock, visit them (qorg11 takes no responsability if they’re 1.0 websites or not)


the man himself:

Imageboard stuff

Yes, i browse cursed imageboards, 4chan, lainchan and wired-7. !Tp9.GentOo

About this website

I started my journey as sysadmin in 2017 That website does not longer exist because the glowies (ICANN) didnt like the content on the website

Then I started started to exist. I did not renew the domain. So I got (no archive avaiable, but trust me, it was the same shit as to renew it. The glowies (ICANN) also took that domain. So I started to use duckdns. In January 2020 I got the money to get a .net domain. and started to exist

Does this page have any purpose?

Just to me to have a home in The Wired