Literally who?

I'm just a random hacker from the internet, this means, i enjoy playing with computers and learning about them, not that i want to take control of another computers, i have enough computers to play with at home, i don't need yours.

Anyways, what can i tell you? im [redacted] years old, i'm from tor-resolve

I would define me as cyberpunk, cyberspace warrior, long distance cyberspace runner, no idea

My political views are... weird...

I dislike capitalism, but i see nothing wrong on making profit as long as it was made with YOUR work (not work of others)
Im very anti authoritarian, so i'm not a tankie (i'm anarchist, lol) but i'm not anarcho communist because there's no money on anarcho communist, so i guess i'm anarcho mutualist or something like that, leftist agorism seems also based
Max Stirner was criminally insane on some stuff, but he was mostly right.

My other interests are... i don't know

My music taste is strange, i like everything except easy listening music, mainstream music (because it is easy listening). My favorite genres are rock, metal and chiptune) (any metal subgenres) my favorite bands are megadeth, slayer, mayhem, burzum, and death, at least in metal, i also enjoy aphex twin, boards of canada...

idk what else to add