Literally who?

I’m just a cyberpunk, attempt of programmer (Libre software defender, privacy defender SUPPORT TOR). My main programming languages are C, Perl, Scheme and Common Lisp. I’ve learned everything by myself. I’ve made some software such as lainsafe and cleg I focus on simple and readable code (Which is pretty ironic since I use perl). I also run kill -9 Which is just a website where I say things about anything. I self host these websites using a Raspberry Pi. I’ve been hosting it since 2017-11-xx But with a Raspi since 2018-04, before than that I used a VPS.

In case you’re wondering. Yes. I like Serial Experiments Lain.


Please go here

But in few words: Thinkpads, Free Software, GNU/Linux and privacy respecting.


Mostly everything (Yes, that includes Viking Metal). My favorite genres are * metal, hard rock, alternative rock, vaporwave, synthwaves and chiptune. I don’t like that -core stuff. But I do like punk.


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Other interests

Formal sciences, lmao

YouTube weirdos I watch

I literally only watch L*ke Sm*th unironically. I don’t like spending too much on YouTube with videos, I mostly use that motherfucking website for music

Friends’ websites

They rock, visit them (qorg11 takes no responsability if they’re 1.0 websites or not)


the man himself:

Imageboard stuff

Yes, i browse cursed imageboards, 4chan, lainchan and wired-7. !Tp9.GentOo

About this website

I started my journey as sysadmin in 2017 That website does not longer exist because the glowies (ICANN) didnt like the content on the website

Then I started started to exist. I did not renew the domain. So I got (no archive avaiable, but trust me, it was the same shit as to renew it. The glowies (ICANN) also took that domain. So I started to use duckdns. In January 2020 I got the money to get a .net domain. and started to exist

Does this page have any purpose?

Just to me to have a home in The Wired