About me

Hello, my name is qorg, I shit and piss, I run this website, kill-9 (A wiki) and (Privacy focused service provider, which is also a shared UNIX machine). And I run a Tor node


My native language is Spanish, and i am fluent in English, So you can talk to me in any of these languages. I also have a bit of knowledge of Esperanto but I forgot most of them. I would also like to learn Catalan and Euskera, but i am too lazy for that.


You can contact me via:

  • E-Mail: teru-sama [at] riseup {dot} net. Use this for general contact or business inquiries (you want me to setup a server, host a website…)

You can also add me in Steam.


My main machine runs Artix Linux and I wish I could run FreeBSD on this thing.

The server that is serving you this website is a ThinkPad T400 which runs OpenBSD.

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License of this website

I am just a guy sitting in front of a computer. Who made me god to say “You can’t copy this”?

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