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Lily "JS disabled! keep it up human!" nice. cool website. great color scheme. Anonymous Country 2020-12-02
xexe nice website Italy 2020-12-02
freon cute site! it's nice meeting you :D United States 2020-12-01
Шедрая Жадница kill -9 onion not resolving Anonymous Country 2020-11-30
Dudedude[at) Sign the petition dammit! Anonymous Country 2020-11-29
Baobab Someone said they would give me 10 BTC to sign this. Anonymous Country 2020-11-29
shokarashokara[at) shokara is an idiot and lain good Christmas Island 2020-11-29
NoviTheNovimatrem[at) your website is pretty cool~ i wish i was good enough to do something like this on mine. wishing you a nice end to 2020 (anything is a positive from here :p) United Kingdom 2020-11-28
shai❄ Ooo cozyyy~ Anonymous Country 2020-11-28
coolio hey ;) Anonymous Country 2020-11-28
Delegaoruben[at) chupamela I2P! 2020-11-26
¡¡¡¡¡O_o o_O!!!! Latvia 2020-11-26
q hardcore must remain kenetic Canada 2020-11-22
covid-19 its only getting worse Anonymous Country 2020-11-21
dawa please make english subtiles for your videos :( Anonymous Country 2020-11-21
dendy am i cool now I2P! Wired Layer 07 2020-11-21
cryptan Signed with i2p! Anonymous Country 2020-11-21
qvinqvin[at) finally got my own email server Anonymous Country 2020-11-20
crowbar Ultima Online Soundtrack (Sound Blaster AWE64 [AWE32 Synth]) Uruguay 2020-11-19
i2p tester i2p test (it werks) Anonymous Country 2020-11-17
i2p tester i2p test (it werks) Anonymous Country 2020-11-17
Kot Kitti Kotty :3 Anonymous Country 2020-11-16
yuuri just remember, i'll always love you Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic of 2020-11-15
Iwakura Lainlain[at) I love JS qorg! Anonymous Country 2020-11-15
Lain Signed via i2p. Awesome Site Anonymous Country 2020-11-15
Signed what to I get now Anonymous Country 2020-11-15
:DDD spurdo sparde here :DDD Zimbabwe 2020-11-15
bizcochito Spain 2020-11-14
bolis k :DDD t. ebin Anonymous Country 2020-11-14
ruski no gogaine officer xDD just botato flour Anonymous Country 2020-11-14
bolis officer igor is dat white powder gogaine? ure very fug'd now u ruski :DD Anonymous Country 2020-11-14
Spurdo Spärde haha benis :DD Finland 2020-11-14
Moo Moo Farm HELLO QT3.14 LET US D8 United States 2020-11-14
caskdcaskd[at) cock Germany 2020-11-14
Jordan Petersonjordan[at) Hello it is me Jordan Peterson United States 2020-11-14
Ted Expect a package from me Anonymous Country 2020-11-14
0 a little suprise for you Viet Nam 2020-11-13
Ezekiel wororth auschwitz the meaning of pain, the way that i want you to die Anonymous Country 2020-11-12
Clamp Revolutionun[at)clamp.ed ==DAY OF THE SEAL IS NOW== Anonymous Country 2020-11-12
Caleb Lutner From November 2020. Time rots away United Kingdom 2020-11-10
dukeisback A salute from the past, when we are long gone Anonymous Country 2020-11-10
To: nixx Subject: Yeah, I'm too lazy to email you. Deal with it. I think you should style your scrollbar, when it's displayed, so that it's not just the default ugly one. Anonymous Country 2020-11-10
dsflkt[at) :D Brazil 2020-11-09
saltorn Checking in Anonymous Country 2020-11-08
pink guy b0ss pls i habe cancer b0ss Anonymous Country 2020-11-08
pink guy caan i habe da pusi b0ss? Anonymous Country 2020-11-08
fix it >http://http//3i3bbs2zfaby on darknet.xhtmlleqxcqueeegakutrtk3hbxmvbtkrgwvetlmity4q.b32.i2p Anonymous Country 2020-11-07
donald joseph trump cool site Anonymous Country 2020-11-06
getimiskon 'sup dude! (P.S. I should definitely set up i2p) Greece 2020-11-06
computer dream from i2p :^) bruh Spain 2020-11-05
trick sup homies Anonymous Country 2020-11-05
Speed R.I.P Empire Anonymous Country 2020-11-05
wung ADD MOAR SITES TO EE TOO PEE Viet Nam 2020-11-04
Nuko Read Girls' Last Tour and use durden as a DE or else. Anonymous Country 2020-11-04
Leo UwU Anonymous Country 2020-11-04
Ɛrin Cool site! :3 United States 2020-11-04
Eagle Eagleboard! Anonymous Country 2020-11-03
qm hey thats awesome, hi guys! Anonymous Country 2020-11-02
2ab956e Lets all love Lain. Anonymous Country 2020-11-01
womb9comb9 Hello there qorg! Have a wonderful life! In case it wasn't here's some cookies for you 🍪 Anonymous Country 2020-10-31
H!veMinds Hello there qorg! Have a wonderful life. In case it wasn't heres some cookies 🍪 for this month. Anonymous Country 2020-10-31
Nuegia Thank you for the darknet resources page United States 2020-10-30
ANK Exposure Nice site man! Anonymous Country 2020-10-29
twinspin i can't believe i'm doing this Anonymous Country 2020-10-27
qorg11 signing the guestbook in i2p! Anonymous Country 2020-10-27
privatelife visit muh site, Anonymous Country 2020-10-26
privatelife visit muh site,, fank you Anonymous Country 2020-10-26
privatelife visit site, Anonymous Country 2020-10-26
Khaos holi Spain 2020-10-25
lolol ke le pasó a tu tuiter XD? Anonymous Country 2020-10-22
n1ck3l nice site. Zimbabwe 2020-10-21
m@ndy This place is comfy. Thanks. Anonymous Country 2020-10-21
Paste Greetings! ADMG! Anonymous Country 2020-10-20
chen hi Anonymous Country 2020-10-19
qorg12 qorg12 Chad 2020-10-14
Spammernull[at) Hello I like your site because I can advertise offensive or unrelated content. Anonymous Country 2020-10-10
Diego Revise tu abrigo / Todo estaba ahí, tus cosas / Todo sigue ahí / Siempre estas tan cerca / Nunca digo adiós Venezuela 2020-10-04
qorg11qorg[at) yay, website field! Anonymous Country 2020-10-04
s*n Do you think the practices against the coronavirus epidemic will be used against lesser diseases? Anonymous Country 2020-10-04
wellwithametal[at) (((butthead))) Azerbaijan 2020-10-04
Coronaphile How do you drink that soykaf, soykaf? Anonymous Country 2020-10-03
shit soykaf is my favurite drink Afghanistan 2020-10-03
sagesage sage sage 2020-10-02
benis_loverbenis_lover[at) qorg11 has a very large benis Chad 2020-10-02
qorg11 i don't lurk irc anymore i am sorry Anonymous Country 2020-09-30
num12nah[at) what irc channel do you lurk at? Chad 2020-09-30
qorg11 Nope, he's not qorg11, I am qorg11. t qorg11 Anonymous Country 2020-09-30
qorg11 i'm qorg11 :) Anonymous Country 2020-09-30
malt5malt50[at) Your rollercoaster tycoon comic really made me laugh thanks United States 2020-09-28
qorg nah im not going to dump my server's ram to check logs, lol Anonymous Country 2020-09-26
OpenBeastie Of course the snarky answer would be to just not make them in the first place. Anonymous Country 2020-09-26
OpenBeastie Dunno what Cumal Lover uses, but my httpd lets httpd.conf contain in the appropriate server block, a ``no log'' line. Anonymous Country 2020-09-26
qorg11 Well, then how do i disable the logs in *everything*? Anonymous Country 2020-09-25
Cumal Lover No, no. It's all just very oblique feedback about the website. That said, _my_ website doesn't even have logs to redirect. Anonymous Country 2020-09-24
qorg11 are you fuarrrkers using a guestbook as a chatroom? Anonymous Country 2020-09-24
Aczkolwiek meaty: in the past you could XSS using the country input Anonymous Country 2020-09-24
bruh >My nginx error.log (and error.log) is a symlink to /dev/null Afghanistan 2020-09-23
meaty knew this wont work. you're smarter than that Anonymous Country 2020-09-23
meaty alert('lol XSS') Anonymous Country 2020-09-23
meaty > GoDaddy Palestine 2020-09-23
Duckduck[at) Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack 🦆 Slovenia 2020-09-22
strlst nice and comfy site Austria 2020-09-22
qorg11qorg[at) Thanks fr0st, good luck with it tho Anonymous Country 2020-09-22
fr0stbillgates[at) when i can afford I'll donate it to you Anonymous Country 2020-09-22
Jamie Hello Cutie <3 Australia 2020-09-22
ghost great website Anonymous Country 2020-09-21
installgentoo install gentoo Anonymous Country 2020-09-20
moshe DAY OF THE SEAL SOON United States Minor Outlying Islands 2020-09-19
BLM nigger lives matter Anonymous Country 2020-09-16
ph9s hello Anonymous Country 2020-09-16
qorg11 no i didnt, fuarrrking spooks Anonymous Country 2020-09-15
: ) qorg founded qanon Palestine 2020-09-15
NIGGER FAGGOT lol Anonymous Country 2020-09-14
Timtimv[at) TIM TIM TIME Uganda 2020-09-14
Kusonekokusoneko[at) hi Canada 2020-09-13
Acacius my will magnified Anonymous Country 2020-09-12
tinfoil-hat is there a source for your website? it's freaking awesome and I like to dig trough it so badly Anonymous Country 2020-09-11
Mela Fantastic website and blog, most charming. Best wishes and I look forward to more updates. Anonymous Country 2020-09-11
V1ck nice site, keep up the lords work Holy See (Vatican City State) 2020-09-09
Aczkolwiek No exploits, signing for real now. Based Country 2020-09-09
Lain Hello from the Wired Anonymous Country 2020-09-09
nanonymous based Anonymous Country 2020-09-08
Sky Morality The world is everything that is the case. United States 2020-09-07
vahit guetta please check comics page Turkey 2020-09-05
GitHappens Mastodon sent me here, sadly I don't use Lynx United States 2020-09-04
Erik Greetings from Brazil Brazil 2020-09-03
thePapiez zniszcze kurahen Anonymous Country 2020-09-02
dz606 based opinions, got me out of gaython and I use perl now Anonymous Country 2020-08-25
meaty Yes, im cyberstalking you. No, i will not install gentoo. Cool site tho ngl Anonymous Country 2020-08-24
Vladim Cool place my dude Matrix 2020-08-24
Nostalgirl Good times never last. Poland 2020-08-23
nokorunokoru[at) Luke is an idiot Anonymous Country 2020-08-23
Francescofra[at) LukeSmith fans are the best Italy 2020-08-22
lain I like your website, it is very comfy Yemen 2020-08-18
testyes[at) is costanza here ? Bangladesh 2020-08-17
Volta Nice website, v cosy United Kingdom 2020-08-15
anon nice site, keep it up Anonymous Country 2020-08-15
qorg11qorg[at) Dear lain (last entry) qorg11 is just my personal website. kill-9 is a "wiki" where i talk about anything. There's more content on that website. I have two (actually 3) websites because I can. Anonymous Country 2020-08-10
lain Hey Alice, I am pretty sure from reading your git source code for the guestbook that its trivialy injectable. Somebody could probably inject perl code into this page, and maybe create a webshell. You should probably filter input. You can write anything here, the server doesn't validate 2020-08-10
lain Hello from the wired. its awesome that you self host your content. Whats the difference between kill-9 blog and this site? Why do you have two? I like that everything appears pretty hand crafted. Keep it up. CYBERIA 2020-08-10
vvinnn grx Anonymous Country 2020-08-06
vvinnn grx Anonymous Country 2020-08-06
shit cock nigger?? CBT desu? Cook Islands 2020-08-05
nokoru systemd/systemd Anonymous Country 2020-08-04
himsy buen pedo India 2020-08-03
Aco Kosovo is Serbia Serbia 2020-07-31
friendsorfoes openbsd > everything else United States 2020-07-31
十四松 the sun is not a star but a collective amount of cheetos glued together with glow in the dark resin Anonymous Country 2020-07-30
frombeyond lain! United States 2020-07-30
dvtate Anonymous Country 2020-07-28
alert(1) alert(1) Anonymous Country 2020-07-25
anon added you to the screencap. Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020-07-25
Cody You were right. I should lurk more. Spain 2020-07-13
floppyfloppy[at) schway site. But remember, screen time is bad for your health. Anonymous Country 2020-06-26
moon PNG is pronounced "ping" United States 2020-06-25
sky qorg el mas chad 👌👌 Mexico 2020-06-25
crazino[at) Ç SI ME AMAS Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of 2020-06-24
Nebu Uchad-NezzarGetcha[at)handsouttamaasspocke.ts uh-oh United States 2020-06-24
marie hello Anonymous Country 2020-06-20
sven :^ Liberia 2020-06-20
nokorunokoru[at) >gmail Anonymous Country 2020-06-17
Sir This site vive me nostalgia Italy 2020-06-17
Ezekiel Wordsworth nice site Anonymous Country 2020-06-11
Emily hi ❤️ Germany 2020-06-06
sergio ke paginam as wapa ggogrg te quiero mi pana Niger 2020-06-01
king_radical hello from an old nym :) Anonymous Country 2020-05-24
Bruh Nice website! Lithuania 2020-05-18
Walton Simonswalton[at) Laugh it up, Denton. Hong Kong 2020-05-07
Sainttwitterbryden2[at) Let's all love Lain! Uganda 2020-05-03
kittyyukikochan05[at) lain is luv <3 Germany 2020-05-02
shift7 koishi como estas Anonymous Country 2020-04-20
elizbethobama[at) se puso 2 veecs Anonymous Country 2020-04-20
elziabeht koishielizbaeht[at) holaaaaa qorg ta bacan tu website te doy likw tw queiro Hong Kong 2020-04-20
elziabeht koishielizbaeht[at) holaaaaa qorg ta bacan tu website te doy likw tw queiro Hong Kong 2020-04-20
shift7 qorg11 rojopastillado cringe Anonymous Country 2020-04-20
fan promedio de rick y morty arch > debian CYBERIA 2020-04-16
dude with weird nickname web 1.0 burns, keep it up Anonymous Country 2020-04-13
Onionthesneakyonion[at) //ONION WAS HERE United States 2020-04-12
Onionthesneakyonion[at) //ONION WAS HERE United States 2020-04-12
gelnanawalpurgis[at) Neat website Anonymous Country 2020-04-06
peacefulbully hola! Anonymous Country 2020-03-29
ammnesia great site buddy, keep with the great work! grats from brazil! Anonymous Country 2020-03-24
Marc hola? hay alguien ahí? Spain 2020-03-23
Anass ik ook Anonymous Country 2020-03-21
Diet Theybers ik ben gay Belgium 2020-03-21
Diet Theybers ik ben gay Belgium 2020-03-21
shift7 hola como están Uruguay 2020-03-21
Hash console.log("you're xss proof eh? ;)"); Canada 2020-03-20
Magesty125CcMagesty[at) I wanna be more than friends Morocco 2020-03-12
GoyjinDocileUberMench[at) Cool site Norway 2020-03-11
qorg11qorg[at) IPv6 pls Spain 2020-03-09
qqqq where is lain! Australia 2020-03-08
Junkjunk0[at) どこにだって、人はつなわてだよう。 Anonymous Country 2020-03-08
MGD merhaba gençler Turkey 2020-03-08
Socks Me gusta. United States 2020-03-03
melon eat more melon Fiji 2020-02-27
Romeo38 Makes me happy to know that people visit here. Estonia 2020-02-27
lal lets al love lain Antarctica 2020-02-26
carnivalence cool stuff Anonymous Country 2020-02-25
Tobias Rieper I love your site design Sweden 2020-02-24
dady Don't spy on me baby Korea, Republic of 2020-02-24
dwasdw sdwadsac Anonymous Country 2020-02-23
Shirooubruhmoment[at)lain.inet Kepasa("bro") Spain 2020-02-21
h 🍞🍞🍞🍞 Mexico 2020-02-21
Franperezosofran[at) mmmmmmm jaja Mozambique 2020-02-21
sillyojete[at) LAS MEJORES PUTAS Argentina 2020-02-21
IfwasIfwaslvl363[at) necropedophile Mexico 2020-02-21
TZ4R que mierda es esto Spain 2020-02-19
Joseph I am hungry Russian Federation 2020-02-15
maphestafelizporquehasdejadounlike[at) los mapaches son bae Palestine 2020-02-06
Crazycebollatartara[at) amo a Boards of Canada Chad 2020-02-06
luckelucke[at) mario br others Anonymous Country 2020-02-04
Corgonseq[at) Soy qorg de otro universo booooo Anonymous Country 2020-02-04
Victoriatengomiedo[at) Me gusta el pan Spain 2020-02-01
Delegaoruben[at) fuarrrkiwlwifi Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2020-01-26
LidiaRock1lidiarock1[at) SemenUp Anonymous Country 2020-01-26
l41rxl41rx[at) hello from the wired (Videotron) Canada 2020-01-25
Suguivyivy[at) We conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells Spain 2020-01-20
Erisskalia2050[at) Bleh Mexico 2020-01-19
P�swegposweg[at) klk manito Spain 2020-01-19
Lorena esunslimesaltando[at) Rip euronymous 😭😭😭😔😔🙏 Honduras 2020-01-19
qorg11qorg[at) Test Spain 2020-01-19

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