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Cody Sanitize your frickin inputs or I will use the uppercase q, im not joking ok, this could get messy I2P! United States 2021-01-22
novaburst anything is better than systemd Anonymous Country 2021-01-22
acz why did you rename this to "shoutbox"? Anonymous Country 2021-01-21
getimiskon darknet moment I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
Arisuarisuuwu32[at) Close the world, Open the nExt Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
YOU ARE GAYSEX Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
pernia ps babe Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
qorg darknets :-) I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
qorg11 from Yggdrasil! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20 signing Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
biorg i love que ofrezcas all these onion páginas Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
Kaos I love your hair <3 Anonymous Country 2021-01-19
братишка хочешь я насру? Russian Federation 2021-01-19
Methyltheobromine if it quacks like a duck, it's probably completely mental Germany 2021-01-19
qorg test Anonymous Country 2021-01-19
Seirdyseirdy[at) F for the guestbook. Also any socks I wear are, by definition, programming socks. Anonymous Country 2021-01-16 The guestbook is messed, but i'll leave it like that since the attack is part of the history of this site, you can see a non-messed guestbook in freenet Anonymous Country 2021-01-16
qorg11 eskorbuto Anonymous Country 2021-01-16
qorg11 Until i fix it, the guestbook is messed Anonymous Country 2021-01-16
qorg test Anonymous Country 2021-01-16
qorg11qorg[at) Test Spain 2020-01-19
Lorena esunslimesaltando[at) Rip euronymous 😭😭😭😔😔🙏 Honduras 2020-01-19
P�swegposweg[at) klk manito Spain 2020-01-19
Erisskalia2050[at) Bleh Mexico 2020-01-19
Suguivyivy[at) We conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells Spain 2020-01-20
l41rxl41rx[at) hello from the wired (Videotron) Canada 2020-01-25
LidiaRock1lidiarock1[at) SemenUp Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-01-26
Delegaoruben[at) fuarrrkiwlwifi Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2020-01-26
Victoriatengomiedo[at) Me gusta el pan Spain 2020-02-01
Corgonseq[at) Soy qorg de otro universo booooo Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-02-04
luckelucke[at) mario br others Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-02-04
Crazycebollatartara[at) amo a Boards of Canada Chad 2020-02-06
maphestafelizporquehasdejadounlike[at) los mapaches son bae Palestine 2020-02-06
Joseph I am hungry Russian Federation 2020-02-15
TZ4R que mierda es esto Spain 2020-02-19
IfwasIfwaslvl363[at) necropedophile Mexico 2020-02-21
sillyojete[at) LAS MEJORES PUTAS Argentina 2020-02-21
Franperezosofran[at) mmmmmmm jaja Mozambique 2020-02-21
h 🍞🍞🍞🍞 Mexico 2020-02-21
Shirooubruhmoment[at)lain.inet Kepasa("bro") Spain 2020-02-21
dwasdw sdwadsac Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-02-23
dady Don't spy on me baby Korea Republic of
Tobias Rieper I love your site design Sweden 2020-02-24
carnivalence cool stuff Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-02-25
lal lets al love lain Antarctica 2020-02-26
Romeo38 Makes me happy to know that people visit here. Estonia 2020-02-27
melon eat more melon Fiji 2020-02-27
Socks Me gusta. United States 2020-03-03
MGD merhaba gençler Turkey 2020-03-08
Junkjunk0[at) どこにだって、人はつなわてだよう。 Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-03-08
qqqq where is lain! Australia 2020-03-08
qorg11qorg[at) IPv6 pls Spain 2020-03-09
GoyjinDocileUberMench[at) Cool site Norway 2020-03-11
Magesty125CcMagesty[at) I wanna be more than friends Morocco 2020-03-12
Hash console.log("you're xss proof eh? ;)"); Canada 2020-03-20
shift7 hola como están Uruguay 2020-03-21
Diet Theybers ik ben gay Belgium 2020-03-21
Diet Theybers ik ben gay Belgium 2020-03-21
Anass ik ook Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-03-21
Marc hola? hay alguien ahí? Spain 2020-03-23
ammnesia great site buddy keep with the great work! grats from brazil! Anonymous COUNTRY
peacefulbully hola! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-03-29
gelnanawalpurgis[at) Neat website Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-04-06
Onionthesneakyonion[at) //ONION WAS HERE United States 2020-04-12
Onionthesneakyonion[at) //ONION WAS HERE United States 2020-04-12
dude with weird nickNAME web 1.0 burns keep it up Anonymous COUNTRY
fan promedio de rick y morty arch > debian CYBERIA 2020-04-16
shift7 qorg11 rojopastillado cringe Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-04-20
elziabeht koishielizbaeht[at) holaaaaa qorg ta bacan tu website te doy likw tw queiro Hong Kong 2020-04-20
elziabeht koishielizbaeht[at) holaaaaa qorg ta bacan tu website te doy likw tw queiro Hong Kong 2020-04-20
elizbethobama[at) se puso 2 veecs Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-04-20
shift7 koishi como estas Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-04-20
Germany 2020-05-02
kittyyukikochan05[at) lain is luv
Sainttwitterbryden2[at) Let's all love Lain! Uganda 2020-05-03
Walton Simonswalton[at) Laugh it up Denton. Hong Kong
Bruh Nice website! Lithuania 2020-05-18
king_radical hello from an old nym :) Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-05-24
sergio ke paginam as wapa ggogrg te quiero mi pana Niger 2020-06-01
Emily hi ❤️ Germany 2020-06-06
Ezekiel Wordsworth nice site Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-06-11
Sir This site vive me nostalgia Italy 2020-06-17
nokorunokoru[at) >gmail Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-06-17
sven :^ Liberia 2020-06-20
marie hello Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-06-20
Nebu Uchad-NezzarGetcha[at)handsouttamaasspocke.ts uh-oh United States 2020-06-24
crazino[at) Ç SI ME AMAS Macedonia The Former Yugoslav Republic of
sky qorg el mas chad 👌👌 Mexico 2020-06-25
moon PNG is pronounced "ping" United States 2020-06-25
floppyfloppy[at) schway site. But remember screen time is bad for your health. Anonymous COUNTRY
Cody You were right. I should lurk more. Spain 2020-07-13
anon added you to the screencap. Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020-07-25
alert(1) alert(1) Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-07-25
dvtate Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-07-28
frombeyond lain! United States 2020-07-30
十四松 the sun is not a star but a collective amount of cheetos glued together with glow in the dark resin Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-07-30
friendsorfoes openbsd > everything else United States 2020-07-31
Aco Kosovo is Serbia Serbia 2020-07-31
himsy buen pedo India 2020-08-03
nokoru systemd/systemd Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-04
shit cock nigger?? CBT desu? Cook Islands 2020-08-05
vvinnn grx Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-06
vvinnn grx Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-06
Keep it up.CYBERIA 2020-08-10
Why do you have two? I like that everything appears pretty hand crafted.
your content. Whats the difference between kill-9 blog and this site?
lain Hello from the wired. its awesome that you self host
webshell. You should probably filter input.You can write anything here the server doesn't valiDATE 2020-08-10
could probably inject perl code into this page and maybe create a
source code for the guestbook that its trivialy injectable. Somebody
lain Hey Alice I am pretty sure from reading your git
content on that website. I have two (actually 3) websites because I can.Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-10
website. kill-9 is a "wiki" where i talk about anything. There's more
qorg11qorg[at) Dear lain (last entry) qorg11 is just my personal
anon nice site keep it up Anonymous COUNTRY
Volta Nice website v cosy United Kingdom
testyes[at) is costanza here ? Bangladesh 2020-08-17
lain I like your website it is very comfy Yemen
Francescofra[at) LukeSmith fans are the best Italy 2020-08-22
nokorunokoru[at) Luke is an idiot Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-23
Nostalgirl Good times never last. Poland 2020-08-23
Vladim Cool place my dude Matrix 2020-08-24
meaty Yes im cyberstalking you. No i will not install gentoo. Cool site tho ngl
dz606 based opinions got me out of gaython and I use perl now Anonymous COUNTRY
thePapiez zniszcze kurahen Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-02
Erik Greetings from Brazil Brazil 2020-09-03
GitHappens Mastodon sent me here sadly I don't use Lynx United States
vahit guetta please check comics page Turkey 2020-09-05
Sky Morality The world is everything that is the case. United States 2020-09-07
nanonymous based Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-08
Lain Hello from the Wired Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-09
Aczkolwiek No exploits signing for real now. Based COUNTRY
V1ck nice site keep up the lords work Holy See (Vatican City State)
Mela Fantastic website and blog most charming. Best wishes and I look forward to more upDATEs. Anonymous COUNTRY
tinfoil-hat is there a source for your website? it's freaking awesome and I like to dig trough it so badly Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-11
Acacius my will magnified Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-12
Kusonekokusoneko[at) hi Canada 2020-09-13
Timtimv[at) TIM TIM TIME Uganda 2020-09-14
NIGGER FAGGOT lol Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-14
: ) qorg founded qanon Palestine 2020-09-15
qorg11 no i didnt fuarrrking spooks Anonymous COUNTRY
ph9s hello Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-16
BLM nigger lives matter Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-16
moshe DAY OF THE SEAL SOON United States Minor Outlying Islands 2020-09-19
installgentoo install gentoo Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-20
ghost great website Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-21
Australia 2020-09-22
Jamie Hello Cutie
fr0stbillgates[at) when i can afford I'll donate it to you Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-22
qorg11qorg[at) Thanks fr0st good luck with it tho Anonymous COUNTRY
strlst nice and comfy site Austria 2020-09-22
Duckduck[at) Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack 🦆 Slovenia 2020-09-22
meaty > GoDaddy Palestine 2020-09-23
meaty alert('lol XSS') Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-23
meaty knew this wont work. you're smarter than that Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-23
bruh >My nginx error.log (and error.log) is a symlink to /dev/null Afghanistan 2020-09-23
Aczkolwiek meaty: in the past you could XSS using the COUNTRY input Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-24
qorg11 are you fuarrrkers using a guestbook as a chatroom? Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-24
Cumal Lover No no. It's all just very oblique feedback about the website. That said _my_ website doesn't even have logs to redirect.
qorg11 Well then how do i disable the logs in *everything*? Anonymous COUNTRY
OpenBeastie Dunno what Cumal Lover uses but my httpd lets httpd.conf contain in the appropriate server block a ``no log'' line.
OpenBeastie Of course the snarky answer would be to just not make them in the first place. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-26
qorg nah im not going to dump my server's ram to check logs lol Anonymous COUNTRY
malt5malt50[at) Your rollercoaster tycoon comic really made me laugh thanks United States 2020-09-28
qorg11 i'm qorg11 :) Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-30
qorg11 Nope he's not qorg11 I am qorg11. t qorg11
num12nah[at) what irc channel do you lurk at? Chad 2020-09-30
qorg11 i don't lurk irc anymore i am sorry Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-30
benis_loverbenis_lover[at) qorg11 has a very large benis Chad 2020-10-02
sagesage sage sage 2020-10-02
shit soykaf is my favurite drink Afghanistan 2020-10-03
Coronaphile How do you drink that soykaf soykaf? Anonymous COUNTRY
wellwithametal[at) (((butthead))) Azerbaijan 2020-10-04
s*n Do you think the practices against the coronavirus epidemic will be used against lesser diseases? Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-04
qorg11qorg[at) yay website field! Anonymous COUNTRY
Diego Revise tu abrigo / Todo estaba ahí tus cosas / Todo sigue ahí / Siempre estas tan cerca / Nunca digo adiós Venezuela
Spammernull[at) Hello I like your site because I can advertise offensive or unrelated content. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-10
qorg12 qorg12 Chad 2020-10-14
chen hi Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-19
Paste Greetings! ADMG! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-20
m@ndy This place is comfy. Thanks. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-21
n1ck3l nice site. Zimbabwe 2020-10-21
lolol ke le pasó a tu tuiter XD? Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-22
Khaos holi Spain 2020-10-25
privatelife visit site Anonymous COUNTRY
privatelife visit muh site fank you
privatelife visit muh site Anonymous COUNTRY
qorg11 signing the guestbook in i2p! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-27
twinspin i can't believe i'm doing this Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-27
ANK Exposure Nice site man! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-29
Nuegia Thank you for the darknet resources page United States 2020-10-30
H!veMinds Hello there qorg! Have a wonderful life. In case it wasn't heres some cookies 🍪 for this month. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-31
womb9comb9 Hello there qorg! Have a wonderful life! In case it wasn't here's some cookies for you 🍪 Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-31
2ab956e Lets all love Lain. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-01
qm hey thats awesome hi guys! Anonymous COUNTRY
Eagle Eagleboard! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-03
Ɛrin Cool site! :3 United States 2020-11-04
Leo UwU Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-04
Nuko Read Girls' Last Tour and use durden as a DE or else. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-04
wung ADD MOAR SITES TO EE TOO PEE Viet Nam 2020-11-04
Speed R.I.P Empire Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-05
trick sup homies Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-05
computer dream from i2p :^) bruh Spain 2020-11-05
getimiskon 'sup dude! (P.S. I should definitely set up i2p) Greece 2020-11-06
donald joseph trump cool site Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-06
fix it >http://http//3i3bbs2zfaby on darknet.xhtmlleqxcqueeegakutrtk3hbxmvbtkrgwvetlmity4q.b32.i2p Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-07
pink guy caan i habe da pusi b0ss? Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-08
pink guy b0ss pls i habe cancer b0ss Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-08
saltorn Checking in Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-08
dsflkt[at) :D Brazil 2020-11-09
To: nixx Subject: Yeah I'm too lazy to EMAIL you. Deal with it. I think you should style your scrollbar when it's displayed
dukeisback A salute from the past when we are long gone Anonymous COUNTRY
Caleb Lutner From November 2020. Time rots away United Kingdom 2020-11-10
Clamp Revolutionun[at)clamp.ed ==DAY OF THE SEAL IS NOW== Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-12
Ezekiel wororth auschwitz the meaning of pain the way that i want you to die Anonymous COUNTRY
0 a little suprise for you Viet Nam 2020-11-13
Ted Expect a package from me Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-14
Jordan Petersonjordan[at) Hello it is me Jordan Peterson United States 2020-11-14
caskdcaskd[at) cock Germany 2020-11-14
Moo Moo Farm HELLO QT3.14 LET US D8 United States 2020-11-14
Spurdo Spärde haha benis :DD Finland 2020-11-14
bolis officer igor is dat white powder gogaine? ure very fug'd now u ruski :DD Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-14
ruski no gogaine officer xDD just botato flour Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-14
bizcochito Spain 2020-11-14
bolis k :DDD t. ebin Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-14
qorg i fuarrrking blew the guestbook i'm sorry Anonymous COUNTRY
smug install gentoo Qatar 2020-12-24
smug install gentoo Qatar 2020-12-24
Lain Merry Christmas! 🎄😯😀 Eritrea 2020-12-25
lilibyte wishing you a merry christmas from across the wired! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-25
qorg test I2P! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-27
amico :-) Italy 2020-12-27
Randall Boxwood Zabujard is king ! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-27
Umbreonumbreon[at) I am Umbreon Johto 2020-12-29
Boris IS "Good' The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2020-12-29
The Founder Self-hosting is the way to go. Keep up the good work. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-29
aaaa x’; DROP TABLE users; SELECT ‘1 Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-30
qorg lol nice try Anonymous COUNTRY
Long Live Zyzz Veni Vidi Vici
Dendy hijo de puta me has borrado encima que estaba en I2P Te voy a hacer un DDoS
verbose long live technology imageboards Anonymous COUNTRY 2021-01-01
Liam Hello United Kingdom 2021-01-03
/ourguy/ am hacker Anonymous COUNTRY 2021-01-04
FBI you will cease your hackign!!! United States 2021-01-04
/ourguy/ no get hacked fbi! !! ez!!!!1! Anonymous COUNTRY
FBIfbi.anti.hacker.squad[at) we have fond you prepeare fro vnning evil hacker! United States
qorg guestbook? this is a fuarrrking textboard i'm thinking on adding tripcodes to this... Anonymous COUNTRY
Dave Mustaine what is owo? Anonymous COUNTRY 2021-01-06
Ezekiel Wordsworth accessing this from the school computer Anonymous COUNTRY 2021-01-06

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