qorg11's computing. 3rd edition

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1 My computing

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Since I'm a hacker cyberspace warrior I have a very funny computing style. I don't use proprietary software and that kind of stuff. And I care a lot about privacy.

1.1 Hardware

My main computer is a ThinkPad T400 I got last year, I've never had a problem with it. It has the following specs:

  • Core 2 duo processor (2.4GHz) – Never had a problem with it. I don't play games or use Gentoo.
  • 6GiBs of RAM, GNU/Linux is a good operating system and I don't need more than 3 to work.
  • 256GiB SSD. Plus a 500GiB HDD. The HDD is only for backups since I'm to lazy to modify etc/fstab

This ThinkPad has Devuan as its operating system. I use Devuan because I love Debian but i highly dislike systemd. I used to use Void Linux. But it can be a pain in the ass to install software (For example, texlive is just a .sh script that actually installs texlive, and the xmonad package is empty)

Like a good Cyberspace warrior I have other computers. Which are also thinkpads. A x60t and a T60.

The x60 has the following specs:

  • Core duo processor (1.666GHz) I haven't had problems with it. It just works.
  • 3GiB of RAM. No problem with it.
  • 60GiB HDD, I don't use it a lot.

This computer is just for reading stuff. It has Void Linux installed. I don't use it a lot. It is the comfiest machine ever made, but sadly, the previous owner treated it like shit so it is a bit broken. But I take care of it okay?

The T60, which is my secondary PC has the following:

  • Core 2 duo at 1.666GHz. Never had a single problem with that speed.
  • 3GiB RAM. Like I said before, I haven't had a problem with this. I don't play games and Firefox knows how to use RAM.
  • 90GiB HDD.
  • It does not have a ATI graphic card. So it is Libreboot compatible.

My external hardware is a Model M keyboard (As 2020-06-14 some keys don't work because I accidentally spilled water on it. I expect it to be magically fixed by some weeks.)

1.2 Workflow

In my T400 (Which is my main computer) I use the i3 window manager. A tilling window manager that just works. I have riced it a lot so it does what I want to do. I have also tried other window manager such as ratpoison, dwm, bspwm but they all sucks. Praise i3.

I use Emacs. I love this Lisp machine emulator text editor. Every program I've made was written in Emacs. All my websites were made in Emacs. This document was made using org-mode. I don't know a lot of Emacs-lisp but I'm learning it.

I like writing stuff. I use the Less bad document reader out there. It is pretty good. Zathura supports cbr formats so I can read Yotsuba&! without problem.

1.3 Programming

Like I said, I'm a cyberspace warrior, and a good cyberspace warrior has to know programming.

I don't like popular programming languages not because I'm elite or cool but because they're not well done. They suck, I don't know why they're popular.

For example. C++ is the ugliest thing I've ever seen:


How the fuck you read that?

I'm not going to talk about them here because I already have kill-9 harmful software section. You can read it if you want to know why I hate modern programming languages.

My main programming languages are Perl, C and Common Lisp.

I was curious about Rust but it sucked balls because in the tutorial I had to setup basically autotools to with the book. Instead of just installing what you need using cargo.

Haskell seems pretty interesting to me. But I don't like a hello world program being ~800kb. Plus the syntax is very ugly and nobody knows what a monad is.

I love Perl because it has block syntax (curly braces) and semicolons, other programmers don't like that kind of syntax. But I'm not them.

I like C because it's a compiled (so it runs fast) and you can do anything you want with it.

I like Lisp because it is a simple programming language and very pretty. If you don't know Lisp,you don't know what a elegant programming language is.

I don't like object oriented programming languages because I think it is a big overkill for simple tasks. I prefer procedural/functional programming.

1.4 Software

I use all kind of software. I only use free (as in freedom) software. The only exception is Deus Ex

There's a lot of reasons to use Libre software. For example, that you know what they're doing (and what they're not)

For example, if I think that a proprietary software is sending my data to some evil government agency, what I can do is nothing since I cannot read the source code. But in a Libre software I can read the source code and if it is doing evil things, remove it.1

I can also share my non-evil modified copies to everyone. So that's good.

The software I use everyday is:

  • Firefox
  • Emacs
  • Mutt (Mail client)
  • Coreboot
  • Zathura

I probably forgot all the software I use so I'll add it another day.

2 Server

I host https://qorg11.net, https://vxempire.xyz and https://kill-9.xyz at home, using a Raspberry Pi.

The HTTP server software I use is nginx. Which is the less bad out there

I only keep vxempire.xyz online for historical reasons, Also because the email address. kill-9.xyz runs werc. A "CMS" made by cat-v. It is the best wiki software out there.

I run an IRC server also. I use ircd-hybrid. There's also a XMPP server running there, but I truly preffer the Riseup XMPP accounts service. (No I won't invite you to Riseup).



No matter what you do, ECHELON is always observing

Author: qorg11

Created: 2020-06-14 dom 16:57