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1 qorg's computing

Well, here's yet another edition of qorg's computing, because it changes a lot.

First of all, i strongly belive in free software. I don't use nothing that is not free software. I think Richard Stallman is right in everything he says (about software)

Free software has a lot of advantages: You can make sure what you're using is not botnet and, if it is, remove the botnet. And share your unbotneted version of the software.

Proprietary software is almost always botnet. (And it is always potentially botnet) because you can't see the source code.

For more information about free software, click here

I also like minimalistic software. Because it's easier to mantain, modify and all of that. I'm a simple guy, i don't use spotify or netflix, or anything like that, instead i have cds and dvds. In other words, Uriel was right.

2 My computers

I have three computers, all of them are laptops, all of them are ThinkPads. Specifically old ones

T400: My main machine. I use it everyday for everything. It has a core2duo processor (at 2,4GHz) which, since i only play doom, deus ex and yume nikki, is more than enough.

T60: My other machine, I use it somethings for other things. for example, ripping cds and dvds, 4GB RAM, 1.6GHZ

x60: I use it for drawing (i somethings do, i just dont post what i do) and reading, it's a tablet lol. 4GB RAM, 1.6GHz

All these computers run Libreboot, and Void GNU/Linux, except for the T60 which runs Debian.

I highly dislike things like systemd because they barely work and are very useless. I use runit instead. Which is a good daemon-manager.

I used to use a tilling window manager (i3wm) but I ditched it for a personal reason. I like nostalgic desktops, and i3 looked too modern to me. Now I use compiz (wobbly windows go wee). Nothing else has changed.

The software I use is:

  • Firefox as web browser, i'm thinking on repleacing it with palemoon because Mozilla is simply shitting on it. New stupid features (megabar)
  • Emacs: Whatever it is. I use it as irc client and text editor.
  • Irssi: Other irc client, if i need it
  • youtube-dl: Simply download videos from youtube
  • straw-viewer: youtube client, i also use invidious
  • gtk-straw-viewer: same as above but with GUI
  • gcc: c compiler
  • retroshare: Encrypted as shit chat client, file sharing, please use it.
  • Dino: XMPP client, you should use xmpp
  • Mutt: Mail client
  • Compiz + Xfce + Emerald: Desktop stuff.
  • telegram-desktop: please use retroshare/dino so i can stop using it
  • cmus: music player, i've tried to use emms but it sucks
  • newsboat: feed reader

3 Programming languages

Mostly C and Perl.

I highly dislike programming languages such as C++, JavaScript and python. I won't even bother mentioning C# and .NET languages because they're simply worse than useless and it's useless to talk about it.

C++ is an insane language, ugly as shit. and, according to Richard Stallman: "It would be a shame to use it in Emacs"

Haskell was very interesting to me, but the syntax sucks

Perl syntax is awesome, it's very C-ish, and it is a fast programming language, unlike python.

C is just C, what else can I do, C is fast because the system is made in C, and anything you made in C is a piece of art. (except systemd)

I tried Rust. But it's simply horrible (probably worse than C++) and the compiler is pretty stupid imo. The learning resources are pretty dumb too.

I think OOP is a dumb paradigm (structs are so easy, let's make a whole paradigm around them)

JavaScript (And anything that come from it) is worse than useless and should never be used. Long live the 1.0 websites.

4 My servers

I have two servers: A raspberry pi i have at home and a cheat as shit VPS. I use the raspberry pi for hosting this website. I self host everything that can be self hosted (Website, Mail, XMPP…) The VPS is just for a wireguard vpn i have. so i don't have to give my IP address to random websites.

In my raspberry pi, I use this software:

  • Nginx
  • Dovecot
  • Postfix
  • SpamAssasin
  • Whatever I use for irc
  • Prosody
  • rsync
  • ssh

I don't use a ftp server. I use sftp from ssh instead. Also rsync

Date: 2020-07-28

Author: qorg11

Created: 2020-07-28 Tue 02:44