Fancy Clown

So you watched an anime and really liked it and decided that it will
be everything in your life. And you were so stupid to think that an
anime like that would make you cool. Or whatever the hell you were
thinking when you decided to set your whole personality around a
fucking drawing.

Also you were very smart at thinking that by using obscure software
your life will improve somehow. But you didn't know that loneliness
hits very hard. But the best part is that you complained about feeling
alone, despite it was basically what you wished for.

But what's more hilarious is that you, did all of that, using obscure
software and self-isolating from everyone just because a profile
picture. Then you started following a shit website, and a shittier
version of it. And do whatever you had to do to have their
approval. And you weren't able to realize that there was a whole world
outside the computer.

Don't make me use your own swiss army knife against you. If you were
to fight me, what would you do? I can simply pull your hair and then
you'll say your prayers. You thought you were cooler than everyone but
couldn't even smoke a joint wherever with someone who beared with you
without getting extremely anxious.

That reminds me to the time in which someone actually believed in
you. And could have taught you a lot. But you were too much of a pussy
to tell the people who will always support you to support you. Which
is again extremely funny as you thought you were better than anyone

There's only one thing in you that I admire, and it is how being as
stupid as you are you never liked sewerslvt. But I guess that you were
different. as you thought being anarcho communist and listening to
punk music only to become more edgy.
And well, it is absolutely so fucking hilarious that you wanted to be
cooler than everyone. But, cooler than who? You don't know anyone
outside the internet. So what are you trying to accomplish?

And I'm sorry, but I haven't forgot that funny happening when you
thoughts that the solution to whatever the fuck you had in your mind
was some weird chemical substances. And that only made people to tell
you how stupid you are. But you didn't listen to it.

You're so stupid that if I saw you when I was walking in the streets
and you wanted to say hi to me, i would tell you "No te voy a