An hindu won't have a debate with Nietzsche

Part of the personality of every civilized human is based in the
culture they were raised in. Despite the Athanthic, a South American
is most likely to develop a friendship with a Spanish than with a
Moroccan. Simply because South American and Spanish culture and values
are very similar, while Arabic ones are very different. This is a
kind of limit in the human social hability, different cultures.

I think language is one of the most important thing to a human, I
believe that, if a human doesn't know any language, or doesn't know
any word, or don't have any noise to name a thing, he won't be able to
think (remember, we think using words.) This means that, depending on
the culture you have, your way of thinking will be different from
another person that speaks another language --- You're thinking
differently because you are using different words.
For example, to me, that brown thing with green stuff is called
"Árbol", but for a native english speaker, it is a "tree".

Language has ever been a border between human interaction. Other
cultures have passed in our cultures with different interpretations
because of the language borders, like the telephone game, so our
thinking gets corrupted as time passes. This is why an Hindu won't
have a debate with Nietzsche, they have very different cultures and
would never be able to have a discussion because of the language
limits and mind.

Language borders also exist in the software development world. This
world have different cultures depending on what you do; you can be a
web developer, operating system programmer, game developer, kernel
hacker, scripter and much different things. And again, as with the
South American and Moroccan example, the cultural handicap is also a
thing. A web developer is not likely to see a hardware developer as a
guide, because they come from different cultures, different languages,
one the former knows JavaScript, php, maybe Python, while the later
knows C, Assembly and maybe C++. Those are very different languages
with different philosophies. Making the connection between the Web
developer and the hardware programmer very difficult.

Some thoughts are so good they get translated to other languages,
giving other cultures the possiblity to enjoy someone's work. For
example, you can read Don Quixote in any language. But obviously, a
book uses much use of the language. So a person reading the original
Don Quixote and another person reading a translated version, won't
have the same interpretation of the book. So, it's in fact, another

This also happens in the software development world, you can see a lot
of software written in C rewritten in Rust, and this is not a bad
thing. It's just letting know another culture someone's work. This is
not bad. Only some part of the intenttion is lost, but this doesn't
mean we shouldn't make other group of people unable to understand some
software because they are not that kind of programmers.