Don't legalize

California and its consequences have been a disaster for the human

If you've been in the "cool" internet for more than 5 minutes, you
probably have realized that there are 2 types of programmers: In one
hand we have the is extremely autistic and in the other hand, the one
that is extremely schizophrenic. But what happens when you combine the
2 things? You get the computer user whose head is full of acid.

But I gotta say, don't bring your dirty grass to this place. In this
motherfucking place we exclusively smoke hash. Not your shit grass. In
this website we don't support globalization, neither do the moors who
send hash from Morocco to Jerez de la Frontera. Legalizing cannabis
would be many things: Cringe, stupid and bad for the economy, and last
but not least, it probably won't happen until Phillip Morris wants to
do business with the Cannabis plant:

Cringe because this means that the cringe stoners whose life is asking
the government to legalize a fucking plant would say "WE GOT THE THING
LEGALIZED" and they'd become unsuffriable with the thing. Smoke a
goddamn joint and shut up for the next 4 lifes. You're not Bob Marley
your name is John Smith and you live in San Francisco. Plus this type
of people are conformists, they want Marijuana legalized and that's
it. They want to end exclusively the marijuana prohibisionism, I say
don't stop, don't conform with marijuana, legalize LSD and
the N-Bombs, and diamorphine too, why not? Who are we to say
that you can't get a funny molecule in your blood stream?

Stupid because, the government has a lot of self-pride and if they
legalized marijuana (Legalizing something implies it used to be
illegal) means that they have to accept and recognize that they have
made a mistake. And we haven't have an spectacle like that since 476
A.D. Also the government doesn't want you to smoke a joint because
never forget what's your role in society, remember, you aren't
supposed to enjoy life!

Bad for the economy, but for my economy, not their economy, if they
legalized grass the government will have more money which is bad. I
mean, if weed becomes legal, it will be expensive as hell, for
example, the Legal CBD flowers are more expensive than the illegal
flowers, at least in Madrid. Not to mention how taxed to hell it will
be, if they taxed tobacco and alcohol to hell (Literally, 80% of the
price of tobacco are taxes), and alcohol (60 cents for a tin of beer
is cool imo, but 1,05 for 500ml of a 5,5% beer is a robbery). Caffeine
is not taxed probably because it is what makes the capitalist engine
to work.

And with the Phillip Morris thing, idk. marlboros are pretty soft and
hard to roll a joint with, but we're not reviewing tobacco, i mean, I
don't think tobacconists are interested on business with weed because
their main business is getting people addicted to nicotine, giving
them weed would be the best thing they could do for their health. And
I don't think they're very interested on ending nicotine addiction
despite all tobacco packages reject this claim.

What I mean is that the government is at the mercy of big corps, so if
a big corps says "yo let me do business with Le Plant", the government
will probably say "ok here it is legalized don't be naughty ok."
They'll obviously tax the thing to hell, and, refer to the "bad for
the economy part".

So we don't want to be seen as criminals because we smoke a joint,
alright, i get it, some people care about that because they don't want
to take a piss in some place and get told "sorry citizen here's a fine
because you smoked a joint" despite you are not high but you got the
fine because THC stays in your body for some time. Or weed is still
illegal at federal level in the US and you have to get drug tested[0]
and if you give possitive in weed they won't hire you.

The solution is not to legalize but to liberate, legalization implies
regulation and I don't want to pay 5 euros for a gram plus 10 for
His Catholic Majesty. With liberation the thing will be exactly the
same but cops can't do anything to you because, what you're doing is
not a crime.

As said before, Don't stop at grass, liberate everything, LSD, DMT,
Shrooms, cocaine, Mescaline, 25I-NBOMe, 2C-E. Everything. This doesn't
mean that they will sell you a pack of ready-to-shoot needles with
heroin on it at walmart, this means that they won't criminalize drug
users, or sellers. While what a drug dealer is doing is ethical or not
can be debatable, because, after all he is not pointing at you with a
gun to buy his product and addiction is a very complicated topic. Drug
users are doing harm to no one. And if we have that so-called
"freedom", where's my freedom to put a funny chemical in my brain?

So stop asking for legalization and smoke the goddamn joint you
have. If it was legal you probably couldn't afford as much :)

[0]: I once read that they ceased doing drug tests in job applicants
	because everyone was possitive.