DISCLAIMER: In this post I might use the acronym "CIA" as a default
            word to refer to whatever that is causing this.

I think that, for a lot of time, there has been a psychological war
against internet users. It might be the CIA, a bunch of coincidences,
corps being insanely evil, or humankind becoming more stupid, and I
don't think it's the last one.

Back then, when my only concern in life was to get a Darkrai and a
shiny Charizard in Pokémon Platinum, the internet was very
different. Not in that it didn't have insanely bloated with javascript
websites, or that the corps weren't as hungry for power as they are
now. I mean that the content in the websites weren't as depressing as
they are now. Back then I used to visit cuantocabrón so I could browse
the most fresh rage comics in the in my native language. Memes have
changed a lot in the last years, and so fast and I didn't even notice
until i checked back. I don't know, when I was a child I don't
remember so much memes about hating yourself, or about being insecure,
or about anxiety.

For example, for some reason Serial Experiments Lain (a very
depressing anime which is about being an insecure, very depressed,
with 0 friends teenager) went from being known by 10 idiots to being
pseudo-mainstream. Despite I most likely fell for that fed-trap, after
realizing one or two things, i wonder why someone would like to be
like lain, instead of, uh, Lucca from Chrono Trigger. But anyways,
after the CIA (or evil algorithms) deterritorializated the internet to
make internet users more insecure and depressed.

Or another thing is that when you enter mainstream social media (and
fedi sometimes[0], fuck's sake) you get mad at everyone and your day is
probably ruined. It's impossible to have a good time in social media
these days. No matter where you go, the algorithm is most likely
optimized to make you mad, depressed, etc.

Keeping people depressed and insecure is pretty useful, as an
individual who doesn't believe in themself, it's mostly useless, and
unable to do anything. In other words. The CIA is making memes to make
us unable to do a revolution.

Something similar is happening with TikTok and the Chinese, in The
West, TikTok is full of idiotic things, like those stupid challenges,
and, again, people hurting themselves in some way or another, the
content in western tiktok seems to aim to making the population more
stupid. While in Mainland China, TikTok is full of idiotic things[1]
but they don't seem to aim to make people most stupid.

You have all the rights to call me schizo.

Even the "guys who left the sheeple" are victim of this psyop, maybe
it's another psyop. But no matter how "woken up" those people think
they are. They're as useless as the mentioned before because of how
much the idea of being "out of the sheeple" consumed them.

[0]: Are the feds in fedi? I don't know, probably, but fedi users have
     obviously fallen into the trap anyways.
[1] Super Idol, for example.