The meaning of my life

I know my role well, very well, I am only an instrument of this
system. A gear in the engine  of making a rich guy even more rich, who
makes people depressed, anxious, and for that he gets paid!

But sometimes, something chases me, it looks for me, and tells me what
to do my will, but people usually that scares people, because they're
scared of true freedom.

But rich people can do all the bad they want (and get paid for that)
and, ironically, poor people (who are getting fucked in the ass by the
rich ones) lick their ass and support them in everything they do,
doesn't matter if it is creating a new product or having minors
playing MineClone 2[0] in real life. Is there so much difference between
they and myself?

[0]: Mind you, freetards.