The Messiah

Once i was told by a friend of mind that each 2000 years, a Messiah
from God comes to Earth to give us the message of salvation. First was
Moises, 2000 years later, Jesus came to earth. And 2000 years later,
it's time for a new messiah.

I'm not Christian, my religious believes are pretty fucked since the
day i took acid, so i don't think there's a Christian god, but
butterfly effect.

I think the messiah already came to earth and sent a message, and this
character is nothing less than Albert Hoffman.

Napoleon once said that Alexander the Great, nor Julius Caesar, nor
himself could have such a impact in history that is as great as the
one Jesus had.

So my thoughts are that, without LSD, the modern society would be very
different, it would be completely different as how we know it, The
Beatles wouldn't be as great. Pink Floyd and later bands as Tool would
not exist. Huxley would have never been such a great writer, Leary
would not have had anything to write about. Computers would not exist
(remember they did acid in Bell Labs, and without Bell Labs, we
wouldn't have the C programming language, without C we wouldn't have
UNIX, continue the chain.)

What is the message that LSD sends? A message of love, brotherood, or
at least that's what I felt, and the message Jesus tried to send (but
apparently everyone misunderstood) was about love, brotherhood and,
must i say it, mutual aid.

As we all know, the Butterfly is a son of a bitch, you have to read
the history of LSD to understand this. Summarizing: Hoffman was
studying alkaloids from a fongus, and synthetrized LSD. He thought it
was no big thing and ditched it. But 4 years later, he decided to
synthetize LSD again and try it. And he had the first LSD trip. He
synthetized LSD again because "his intuition".

Such specific and chaotic theory is something only the butterfly
effect is capable of creating. But it happened.

I think that no character in modern history have had more influence
than Albert Hoffman.

And only a messiah is capable of doing such thing, so Albert Hoffman
is a Messiah and we all should follow the LSD message for a better world.