The frayed ends of sanity

"I resurected at the third day
   In the psychiatrist.
   Absurd invention."
--- Jesucristo GarcĂ­a

Lately, I have been suspicious of my mental health. I do think that if i
go to the psych, I get, at least, 5 different mental illnesses. The
question is, why? I haven't killed myself (or another), I shit and
piss, I do things, I can be labeled a "functioning member of society"
if they wanted. But, as my thoughts is not something you see every
day. Though I recognize that sometimes I might not be the most
rational person in the world. But, you know. Apparently to
psychiatrists there are some unwritten rules *everyone* should follow
and if you don't follow those rules because you have another way of
thinking (or you're a bearer of another worldview), well, you're
mentally ill.

In my opinion, we are all schizophrenics but we don't have the
diagnosis. In case you did not know, capitalism is the origin of all
mental illnesses.

You know, my idea of "productivity" is very different from
society's. My idea of productivity it's not, like, go to work, make
your boss rich and have a shit wage. My idea of productivity is doing
stuff you like. And that's it, but if you do stuff you like that does
not provide money to your boss (or in the best of the cases, you) they
call it "hobby" instead of "job"

And well, the solution to differences between individuals that don't
agree with society's values is to have them sedated, like,
methylphenidate, speed, quetiapine, or your favorite benzo. Have
potentially dangerous individuals sedated is pretty effective. But
what's more effective is to label individuals, giving them labels is
effective so people don't take a "schizo" seriously, or they think
everything a "borderline" says is insane shit and we should never
listen to them but listen to "sane" persons.

I think that, without capitalism, we would not need as much benzos as
we did, like, we would have much less anxiety without capitalism, and
there would not be a lot of anxiety so benzos would not be needed. We
could use the adhd superpower of hyperfocusing for good, but, as
you're doing a hobby (nothing of value), well, then you're just a
weirdo and i require you to take the goddamn meth.

I know!
I'm going to slash a psych 
What for?
To see him inside
Let's see
If i finally understand
what the fuck sanity is