Web 3.0 shit

"In a rich man's house there's no place to spit but his face"

--- Diogenes of Sinope

With time i learned that, you don't matter shit to society, they don't
care if you contribute to society, they don't care if you do good
stuff or bad stuff, they don't care about anything about you, they
only care whether you have money or not, you can be completely evil,
but provided you have money, society will blindly follow you, and
they'll think you're doing a good for the world, and if someone wants
to criticize a rich guy, they'll say you're crazy and shit like
that. I don't really understand why they defend rich persons which
won't ever know who you are, but, sure.

So now that we know that the world only cares about money and the
power it holds, society has only one reason to make something popular,
whether it makes money or not[0]. They don't care whether the good is
useful or not, or if it is harmful to its users, they only care
whether you can make money with it. A good example of this is new
computers, ThinkPads were peak computing, top quality computers, great
quality keyboard. But as they saw that "this shit design makes people
buy more", they change the design for something way more terrible and
unusable, with lower quality.

So, can you make money with the fediverse? Can you make money with
XMPP? Can you make money with REAL decentralization?

The answer is "No, you can't", You cannot because there's no boss,
there's no master. Only us trying to make the internet actually free
and private for all. And as we are making services for the greater
good of people rather than for profit, we are not making any money
with this.

Yet you can make money with that fake centralization Blockchain
proposes, it is a fake decentralization because, if someone, for
example, bans you, it's recorded in the blockchain that you're banned,
so you can't do shit, you can say "alright, i'll create a new account"
which is not different from getting banned from Twitter and creating a
new account. So it's still the same, in real decentralization, if you
get banned, you just create an account in other server and that's
it (Or you can create your own server!). With blockchain this is not
possible, you'd have to create your own blockchain, which will be
separated from the blockchain you were using before, it's like going
from Twitter to something like Gab.

But why would people change to blockchain despite the fact it's
exactly the same shit? That's exactly why, because it's exactly the
same shit. When they banned Trump from Twitter and shit, people
started thinking "Alright, centralization is bad, we need
decentralization". So, instead of going for the real decentralization
(XMPP, Fediverse...) They went for the shit "decentralization",
Ethereum, Solana and God knows what else. The thing is that they made
people believe that what they're using it's actually decentralizated,
but in practice, it's exactly as centralizated as Twitter and similar.

And again, why did they choose the shit decentralization instead of
the real decentralization? Because with Blockchain and shit, you can
make money, you can't with the other kind of decentralization. But
something even better is that CEOs can keep their users happy while
having the same control over users, because, again, it's one
blockchain per network, if you're banned from one blockchain, you have
to go to another or join the same blockchain again.

I am not going to talk about NFTs.

[0]: Further reading: