"Anti system"

"If you’re committed enough, you can make any story work. I once
convinced a woman that I was Kevin Costner and it worked because I
believed it"

- Saul Goodman

Some people are species that require study. They were grown, somehow, in
the LSD time, but they have an stupid perception of reality.

That people often believe that we live in a "neo-marxist society"
(whatever that means). I could have an conversation with an "anti
system guy" who has an account in facebook, twitter, instagram,
everything you can't think of. But the guy is antisystem! Why? Idk,
dude's a flat earther, and believes that Karl Marx was founded by the
Rothschilds (According to this guy the Rothschild want all the wealth
to be ended) and he has done nothing in his life (If Marx did nothing
in all his life, I invite you to write all the books he wrote)

The thing is that one day this guy told me that I have to do things
like a "Patriot", and I was like, dude, i'm working class, my surname
is neither Abascal, Borbon or Franco, This fucking country is shit and
a line painted in a map will never do something for me. Why would I do
something for it? The country will never give a shit for me. Simply
because the concept of "country" is a, dare i say it, a SPOOK, It
doesn't even exist. "Countries" only exists because people were told
that it exists and we blindly believed it. 

This kind of persons, as i said, they think they're "anti system" but
they're slaves of the system. Anti systems speeches are part of the
system, think about it, people watch Black Mirror S1E2, and then they
think it is a horrible reality no one will ever want to live in. But
what happens next? They are amazed to Zuckerberg's metaverse! At this
point, everything sells, even what is supposed to be against itself.

Also these people are so secure about their "anti systemeness" that
they don't want to hear any other point of view that are not like
those ones they share, me, as a discordian, i'm always open to your
point of view, you can explain to me why everything i know is bullshit
no one will ever agree with, and i'll listen to you, carefully.

So yeah, this guy sent me a video about postmodernity, first minute in
this video and what i undertsand is that to be postmodern is to have
weird outfits. And that postmodernity rejects marxism (this is true)
but it doesn't rejects the neo-marxism that is the economic system
nowadays. So I told this dude "man this is bullshit and this guy has a
distorted vision of reality". And attatched the Principia Discordia.

He replied telling me that i'm blind and i don't want to see the
truth, or that i didn't even watch 10 minutes of the video. Which is
true, i didn't even watch 10 minutes of the video because my brain had
enough idiocy with hearing we live in a "neo-marxist" society. But hey
man, I tried to watch the video. You didn't even see the cover of the
book i sent. So this guy tells me that i'm such a postmodern (and
remember, if someone uses postmodern as an insult, they're more
postmodern than you, because one of the bases of postmodernity is to
give new meanings to the same old words)

Robert Anton Wilson said something like if an anti system doesn't
revise their thought, he will be conservative in some years.

being "anti system" is not enough, it is enough to be anti
everything. You have to be against your own thought. You have to be
chaotic towards yourself. Because only chaos leads to evolution.