Human nature

If you think that such thing as human nature exists for me, i must
give you a warm welcome to my website.

However, i think that anarchism is human nature for some reason,
apparently, human is a intelligent form of life, which allows it to be
concient of its own existence

I don't think humans know about their own existence. I don't think
humans know who they are, their own identity, if they knew they would
be doing whatever the hell they wanted rather than whatever they're
telling them to do. We only do whatever the guys from above tells us
to do, since we are born. When we are done with whatever the guys from
above told us to do, we have to either go to sleep so we can do the
same thing the next day, or if you still have energy, consume
content. Because we don't have enough energy to do what we really

We go from $YOUR_REAL_IDENTITY to $YOUR_JOB. Our identity is redouced
to that. I think that if humans knew about who they really are we
wouldn't be through all this shit. This shit alienates us from
ourselves. Living a life that is not really our live.

So that's why i think anarchism is human nature