Yes, the fediverse is good, loveable and all those possitive adjetives
you can think of. But sadly it is not enough. It is
decentralizated. Yes. But some people, for any reason, host their fedi
instances in some VPS provider, some instances are even under the evil
cloudflare. So they are centralizating the decentralizated. Which is

Even when all the good things the fediverse has. It still has a
problem. You don't have enough freedom as someone would wish. For
example you can't customize your fedi page as it was a
website. Websites are way more customizable and free, in some cases,
when you host with a raspi, it is """free as in free beer""".

If everyone had their own website, the federation would still be
possible using RSS feeds. Everyone would suscribe to the website
they're interested in.

Neocities,,, hell, exists. but
same problem as above, it is a centralized network. The solution would
be that everyone had their own website hosted at home. But this is not
possible in some cases where ISPs will not allow you to forward port
80/443 to the outer world. I don't know why someone would do this. But
as you can guess. This would be fixed using IPv6. But ISPs don't
implement IPv6 for unknown reasons.

As long as you fuck the modern centralized web. Keep using fedi, the
thing stated above is a utopia.