pull my strings\0

(based on dead kennedys' pull my strings)

I write this as "protest" agasint universities and all of that, since
they only teach what you have to know to be employable, and doesn't
show how beautiful computing is, or how beautiful programming is, they
just teach you things to be employable

I'm not a kid anymore, i'm an adult now!
I'm not a hacker, i'm a coder!

I'm tired of self respect
I can't afford a macbook
I want to be a prefab programmer!
I want to be a tool!
I don't need no soul!
I want to make big monies writing javascript!

I'll make my programs bloat!
I'll make my programs spyware!
I ain't no programmer i'm a business man!
No ideas of my own

But there's one problem

Is my brain small enough for multicorps to make me an employee?

Give me a job, i'll sell you my soul!
Pull my \0, and i'll go far

And when I'm rich i'll play golf with Elon Musk!