Welcome to, a fortress tall, take some time to show you around, impossible to break these walls, computer banks to rule the world, possibly ive browsed /g/ too much

I've changed the domain, but i won't give up until i have

This website (and relatives) will always use the YYYY-MM-DD date format

Online since: 2017-11-20

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Richard Stallman on Serial Experiments Lain The comics I made 300 years ago

My email is qorg11 <qorg{at]>

My other email is qorg11 <lainwire[at}>

XMPP is my prefered messaging protocol. Message me at qorg11[47} I'll most likely
answer Hereare my OMEMO fingerprints

I don't use Tox because I don't trust /g/ software. So don't ask for my ToxID

Please us PGP for E-Mailing me. Is not that hard. I promise. My Keys are here

Fingerprints is 343F C20A 4ACA 62B9
sign your E-mails. BTW

PLEASE DO NOT encrypt using E151 1578 E021 B85C I do not use that key anymore.

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Logs? Don't worry. My nginx error.log (and error.log) is a symlink to /dev/null

Also, here are the onion mirrors of this website. In case you want more security.

Also available in i2p

Also Zeronet

and freenet

Speaking of Tor, I run the Lainwire Tor Node

If you want more content from me. Visit my Other website

China is blocking HTTP sites. In response. here is the copypasta that triggers the Chinese government.

here are some darknet links!

I have no idea of how does this work. But here's my BTC address: bc1qghl6f27dpgktynpvkrxte2s3gm9pcv8vlwuzum

Here's my XMR: 47QTumjtqJabbo1s9pLDdXeJarLVLfs1AaEcbi1xrEiV852mqcbe5AHLNXTk7tH9MscxcxQDfJQnvH5LpxvfgwSJQZ3zbS6

SUPPORT YOUTUBE-DL (the pic is the youtube-dl free speech flag, youtube-dl got dmca'd by RIAA

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