Welcome to, a fortress tall, take some time to show you around, impossible to break these walls, computer banks to rule the world, possibly ive browsed /g/ too much

I've changed the domain, but i won't give up until i have

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How was GCC compiled Richard Stallman on Serial Experiments Lain
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I used to draw-comics

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My email is qorg11 <qorg{at]>

My other email is: <lainwire[4t}>

PLEASE report dead links to these emails

My JID (Jabber, XMPP ID) is, feel free to message

pgp key

First: 343F C20A 4ACA 62B9, Second:E151 1578 E021 B85C I can't read anything that is not encrypted with that key

Please don't send me mails in html, Or proprietary formats

If you wish to talk to me, send me and email and we'll se what in the actuall hell we use to talk.


My suckless perl libraryConfig::Reader

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I do not keep access logs on any of my websites

Source code of this website? No stupid JS was used in this website. And there's no back-end languages. So C-u will give you the source code ;) The guestbook is here

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